Picture Day 4/13

Picture Day 4/13
April 14, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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We got the word yesterday that it was snowing in parts of Oregon, and we had to laugh since we are enjoying lovely 70-degree weather here in Nairobi.  They are praying for rain here since this is normally their rainy season and it’s still dry.

When we arrived at the school they children were taking their morning porridge.  We went from room to room just chatting with the students and teachers and found out how they are doing.  So fun to watch them read, recite and sing songs that they are preparing for the big Pre-Primary 2 Graduation tomorrow.  They jump up and stand at attention when we enter the room and say, “Good Morning”.  They are so polite.  Afterwards we went in to chat with Head Teacher Anne and she asked if we were taking the students pictures today.  Again, it’s the old “that was not on the schedule, but sure we can do that!”.  With about 30 minutes before they were to receive lunch, we divided into three and went to two classes each and the winner got to go to a third class.  It was definitely the highlight of our day.  All those smiles just waiting for us to put into our files for each of you to get a new picture of your student.  It’s been 2-1/2 years and they have grown and changed so much. Those with no teeth now have beautiful large front teeth, the boys are taller, and the girls grew even more beautiful.

The students left after lunch and we then met with all the teachers and just took time to share personal stories and let then know how much we appreciate their commitment to their students and school.  One teacher commented that she had never worked in a school with such team work and support and praised God for bringing her to HOPE Huruma School.

Thursday is the big graduation so be prepared for some cute pictures.  Joy and I are the presenters of the Certificates of Graduation and Joel will be official photographer.  Again, surprise assignments.