Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate!

Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate!
April 17, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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Happy Easter of each of you from Nairobi, Kenya.  We attended the Karura Community Chapel  and so enjoyed our two-hour service that started with a wonderful, joyous upbeat Worship music.  There is nothing like Worship Service in a Kenyan Church.  The active participation of each person as they raise their voices, hands and move their feet brings you in complete celebration of the Lord.  The Pastor sermon was based on “Jesus was who He said He was and did what He said He would do”.  A reminder of the power and assurance of the resurrection for each of us.  






After the service we met with Hellen’s son, Simon and walked over to a restaurant up from the church and just relaxed outside and had a 3-hour lunch and wonderful conversation with him.  He misses his family but is doing so well as he has completed his internship at the church.  He works at the church and hoping to return to university to get his master’s in computer engineering.  We challenged him to try tacos for the first time and now he has had American food 😊  It was a very relaxing afternoon and will be a special Easter for each of us to remember.

Just a note, Friday, Saturday, Easter and Monday are holidays here in Kenya so that people can travel and be with family for Easter.

Hope you each have a joyous Easter celebrating the Risen Savior as we had this beautiful day.