New Faces and Sharing Time

New Faces and Sharing Time
April 19, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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Today was a mixture of activities.  First Joel and Joy had to round up the Pre-Primary One students who will be joining the class next week.  There were some looks of fear as they were approached to have their pictures taken for probably the first time in their life.  Most had on new uniforms and weren’t letting go of the parent that brought them.  Teacher Rachael was busy trying to get the bios of each.  We ended up after about 1-1/2 hours 14 of the 20 students showing up and ready have pictures.  Guess the other 6 will show up on opening day.  We have to give credit to Teacher Rachael who has these kids sitting and reciting alphabet and numbers in a few months.

During the same time Anne had all the incoming 5th and 6th grade girls gather in one of the classrooms for Suzan to meet with them.   Suzan had all the girls share their names and little about themselves ie: brothers/sisters and where and with whom they lived.  Suzan then shared her personal journey as a child growing up in a house with 7 children and some of the challenges in her life.  She shared personal testimony and how Christ was with her through those growing years and still with her today.  Joy came in and shared her personal story.  Together we tried to encourage the girls to know that Jesus is there to be with them and encourage them to stay in school even through difficult times.  They were so sweet and receptive.  One girl raised her hand to tell us her mother had died and how sad she was, and another told of her father leaving the family.  These young children live through difficult times each day.  HOPE Huruma School has become their refuge and we want to just hold on to them and let them know we do care about each one of them with hopes that one day they will fulfill the plan that God has for each of their lives.







After lunch and the children headed home, Joel was able to go into the new classroom and office and look over the work.  Still not quite complete but should be ready for the April 26 opening.  The desks, cabinets and teacher desk will be delivered on Wednesday and the room will be almost complete.  It’s exciting to see the growth of the school physically, but more importantly the growth of the students and their love for each other and the school.

This is the new addition.  Anne’s office and teacher’s meeting area is the large room to the right.  The new Grade 6 classroom is to the left next to the existing building.