Last Day & Good-byes

Last Day & Good-byes
April 21, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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This is our last day in Nairobi so I will be including a bunch of pictures just to give you a taste of our last day at the HOPE Huruma School. Coming in April has been a bit different as we have experienced the rainy season.  It just doesn’t rain, it is a downpour complete with thunder.  We have been blessed that the rains come mostly at night and late afternoon and we are still able to enjoy clear very warm days.  We only caught caught once in a downpour walking back to our housing.

On Wednesday we tried to get all the kids into a group picture, but you can see there are more than the last time we took a group picture and this one does not include the new 20 Pre-Primary 1 students and some that are gone with families for the holiday.  We will be adding two new teachers starting the new 2022 term.  The are Zapora (on left) for Grade 4 and Anne #2 (on right) for Grade 2.  It’s so exciting to see everyone working together to make HHS a school that the children love coming to each day.


After we arrived the kids were divided into the lower and upper classes.  The lower classes stayed at the school to play games while the older class walked, walked, walked to the Potter Community Field to play football, about 20 min.  The boys all in their blue and red uniforms and so proud and the girls excited that maybe they will have a team too.  It was fun watching them play with everything within them on a very rough field but to them it was like a stadium.  The girls cheered and kept running onto the field to be called back. They want to get out and play just like the boy’s team.  What a fun time watching and cheering them all on.  We let the girls play and it was hysterical.  They definitely need to learn the rules and have a coach.  Teacher Mary (Grade 3) would be a great couch for them.  At the end of the matches, we had to give our final hugs with promises to return.  These kids really get into your heart and it’s hard to let go to leave.  But we have hopes that we will put a November team together for the big Grade 6 Graduation and sadly say good-bye to our first Grade 6 class.  Most of Grade 6 has been at the school since Pre-Primary 1 so they are like our kids now.  God has his hand on each one and it will be exciting to see where He leads each one in the years to come.












Even Joel got into the game.












Oh for you who may want to be on the November team, just a sneak preview of the Covid PCR test you have to take at the Aga Khan Hospital before you can check in at airport.  You would think that we were getting ready for a space flight.