Team Leaves in a few days! Blog #1

Team Leaves in a few days! Blog #1
November 1, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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The HOPE November Team has packed up 7 suitcases and 5 totes totaling 640 lbs. of goods for the school. The team members only have their carry-ons/backpacks for their personal items. They leave this coming Sunday the 6th and return the 18th. Thank you to all who contributed by donating books, games, puzzles, school supplies and much, much more.

We are all excited about our time in Huruma. We start with the graduation ceremonies of PP2 (Kindergarten) and our first Grade 6 students. All the Grade 6 students will be presented Bibles from their sponsors. The next day we will take the Grade 6 graduates to a nearby mall for games/rides and lunch along with their teachers. We will take all the teachers to lunch and present them with some funds to buy books for their class level. We will run a 3 day VBS program with stories about Moses, Queen Esther and Jonah with singing, snacks, crafts and games. In the afternoon we will remodel the head teachers old office into a library by painting walls and murals. We’re adding bookshelves and a quiet nook to read. It’s going to be a full 10 days, but we will be blessed to interact with the students, talking with girls, joining in a soccer game, and taking all new student photos that you will receive in December.

Pray for safe travel as the teams flight has already been changed 4 times and there is only a 40 minute window to catch the next flight in Seattle. Pray everyone remains healthy as our sleep pattern will be upside down. Especially pray that we will each have our hearts touched by our God to reach out and love each one with His great love and that in all things we will be an example of His goodness.