WE MADE IT! – Blog #3

WE MADE IT! – Blog #3
November 10, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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Suzan and technology are like oil and water, they don’t mix. She thought I, Joy, didn’t publish a blog post but I did so you are going to get a little repeat of some information but that’s okay, right!


It has been a series of misadventures, but we finally made it to our place of lodging 1:00 am Tuesday.  Tuesday after breakfast we unloaded 5 suitcases and 5 totes of our supplies and organized them for our various activities with the students and teachers.    At this time Forrest had yet been able to make it due to some delayed and missed airline connections and he ended up with 4 different flights getting him here after 3 days on Wednesday afternoon.  He will bringing the last two large suitcases loaded with 140 lbs. of goodies.

Early Wednesday morning was our first day at Huruma School and we were greeted with very enthusiastic students and teachers with singing and dancing.  We were each presented with a rose and apple as a welcome to Kenya.  After lots of hugging we divided into groups and greeted the students in their classrooms and took individual photos for each student that we will send out to their supporters by Christmas.

As all things do, our plans continually changed and the boys soccer game was delayed till next week since Forrest had not yet landed.  The boys went to a nearby field to practice soccer and the women met with the 4th/5th grade girls to share stories of our families and to encourage the girls to share about themselves and family.  It was hard to leave as the girls would not stop holding on and hugging each of us.  Tomorrow, we plan for the BIG day with two graduations for our PP2 class and first Grade 6 class.