Celebrations – Blog #4

Celebrations – Blog #4
November 11, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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Many reasons for celebrating today. One was that Forrest finally made it to Nairobi Wednesday afternoon after leaving Portland airport early Sunday morning. His 3-day trip was kind of like “Amazing Race” without all the fun challenges. His attitude was great. When we got to the school Forrest was greeted by students and given a rose and apple to welcome him.It’s Thursday morning and now we were ALL able to go to school to participate in the PP2 graduation and Grade 6 Graduation. Soon we found out it was also a Christmas program too.This is what you call multi-tasking the Kenyan way. Parents of the graduating students, HOPE school board and many other guests all crowded into the two classrooms that are converted into an assembly room. After many introductions every class came in to do a presentatio

n that included songs, recitations, and memory verses. Those little PP1 kids always amaze and win your hearts. After all the classes did their presentations, a group of the older kids dressed up in cultural customs and sang and danced Kenyan songs. The team was invited to join them even though we had no idea what we were doing.

The Grade 6 students were so beautiful with their graduation stoles, and you could tell even though they were all so happy for this moment, they were still sad this is their final month at HHS. Most had been at the school for 8 years.

Each was presented a Bible from their sponsor, a clip board to take exams and a mathematical set. On 28 Nov. they will begin their national exams that will determine where they will be placed in Junior High. They will all be sent in different directions.

We are praying that each will continue and succeed in these next 6 years through high school.Tomorrow we are joining the Grade 6 class and teacher Samson, Teacher Peter and Anne to celebrate with taking themto the nearby Two Rivers mall for amusement rides and lunch. To say they are excited is an understatement.