It Was a Day to Remember! Blog #5

It Was a Day to Remember! Blog #5
November 13, 2022 Suzan Bellis
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To see the Grade 6 students running down the path to the Two Rivers Amusement Park made all of the team excited and anxious to join them on the rides. They run things a bit differently in Kenya. Instead of going on any ride, they give you a guide who takes everyone from ride to ride and the kids can only ride once. Bummer! The very first ride was an octopus that twirled and went up and down. The team never saw such laughing and screaming in their lives. Then it was on to the Ferris Wheel that is supposed to be the highest in Africa. Suzan gulped and decided to join them, even though she’s scared of heights. Little Rachael sat between Suzan and Forrest and hung onto them for dear life. They put on brave faces for her although they were all holding on to one other. The students continued from ride to ride. The one that swung back and forth sent several of the boys to the bathroom to throw up and the one that just spun them around had several of the girls bent over and turning green. To calm things down a bit they marched off to the Water-log Ride. They all put on raincoats with hoods, two kids climbed into a log, and then off they went slowly…at first. When they came to the highest ramp, they were shot down the channel with water flying everywhere and got soaking wet while laughing with total joy. We think they enjoyed the huge bouncy house the most. Forrest went in with the boys and was asked to leave because he had the boys flying all over the place. The kids kept calling for him to come back. The one thing that made us smile the most was watching the teachers and Anne on the rides and how they laughed and laughed because they had never experienced anything like it. The time ended with everyone having lunch. The kids got a plate of chips (french fires) and a sausage (hot dog) and a Fanta soda.

None wanted to leave. There were beautiful relationships built between the kids and the team members. The boys love Forrest and the girls had their arms around all of the ladies. Suzan stood back and watched them wrap their arms around the team and asked them to go on rides or just be with them as they watched. It is going to be so hard to see these kids move out of HOPE Huruma School. They are a part of us and it’s like watching your first child go off to college. You must let go, but you never really let go.

As the team drove back to Heart they got into a conversation with the driver about education in Kenya. He told them that he hadn’t finished high school and has always worked hard to take care of his family. He told us that education is the most important thing to give these kids so that they will survive. Even though he has 4 children that he is putting through school, he has supported 2 other boys all through school who now have been accepted into public university which is the highest level of university here. This is done on a driver’s salary and his desire to see others get an education. Many here can’t afford school past primary (G6), even though it is “free”. The team was humbled by his life story and some were fighting back tears.

So many families sacrifice everything to get their kids into school and some just can’t afford it and kids stop after grade 6. This is the mission at Huruma HOPE and why the word HOPE was chosen. We know through our HOPE in Jesus Christ that we will push toward the goal to see each child succeed that He brings to this school and perhaps one day become like the driver. By the way, they called the deriver 1st Peter.

I Peter 4:10 – “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in itsvarious forms.”