Saturday is for Shopping …. Sunday is for Worship Blog #6

Saturday is for Shopping …. Sunday is for Worship Blog #6
November 13, 2022 Suzan Bellis

Tr. Zipporah looking for books on her list

Far left are Tr. Samson and Tr.Everlyne and on the right are Tr. Zipporah and Tr.Rachel.


The team thought they could sleep in a little on Saturday but needed to meet the HOPE teachers at Two Rivers mall for class book shopping. There was a donation by one of our Huruma HOPE supporters to help the teachers buy books for their classes. They each created a list before heading out to shop. After each teacher purchased their books, they all went to the Food Court for lunch to dine at Chicken Inn and Pizza Inn (their favorites). Most opted for the Chicken meal as they got a free soft serve ice cream cone. They choose that meal for the ice cream because they were eating it before the meal. The team had a great time eating with the teachers and getting to know them a little better. The even found out Tr. (teacher) Samson just got married, Tr. Peter just had a baby boy and one of the teachers said that when the team comes back next she may be married (big secret). Lots of laughing a around the table.

Sunday, the team went to Runda Baptist Church because our driver 1st Peter and our good friend 2nd Peter attend there and wanted to join them and their families. The church is just off the bypass in the Githogoro Slum. The church had two services, one at 10am and one at 11am. They opted for the earlier service because they had an invitation to have lunch at Head Teacher Anne’s

The Huruma HOPE teachers from left to right: Mary, Everlyne, Peter, Samson, Anne, Lucy, Zipporah, Ruth, and Rachel

home. The team didn’t get picked up until 10:15am and arrived about 10:30am while the pastor was preaching (in Swahili). Then they started singing hymns with a great beat.  The team was then introduced, another sermon, and more singing. They never did figure out when one service ended and the other started. The team quietly slipped out at 12:15 after the 1st Peter (our driver) gave a very long prayer. Who knows when the service actually ended.

They had a great lunch with Head Teacher Anne who always has a wonderful meal prepared. Lots of sharing and laughing and discussing the upcoming week of VBS. Pleaes pray for the team as they attempt to do a VBS program of crafts, games, Bible stories, snacks, and more games with a 6 member team and 145 kids plus paint and decorate the library in the afternoon. This will be an interesting week.


Everyone is going to bed earlier and earlier. It’s 8pm and all are snug in their beds asleep.  Good Night!