Moses, Beads, Games & Paint Blog #7

Moses, Beads, Games & Paint Blog #7
November 15, 2022 Suzan Bellis



It was a long day that started early and ended late. Right after breakfast the team attempted to load the little van with 6-members, 2 large totes, 1 suitcase, plastic baskets, and bags full of supplies. The van was dragging along the road and once on the little dirt road leading to the school, they were stuck in the mud caused by the previous night’s downpour. Mud EVERYWHERE!

Once in the school compound all 145 kids were waiting and already singing songs led
by Anne. Hardly time to unload as the Bible Story needed to begin. Arlene was Moses pleading with Pharaoh to let the Children of Israel go. With each plague Arlene would throw out rubber snakes, plastic frogs (72), lice or aka rice, plastic flies, “livestock”, boils (peanut candy), hail (white chocolate candies) and plastic insects (locusts). Each time the kids went into a frenzy and Anne said, “I’ve had never heard a Bible Story like that before” and hopefully never will again.
After the Bible story the kids were divided into 3 groups of Pre-Primary 1 & 2 (40 kids), Grades 1-3 (53 kids), and Grades 4-6 (52

kids). That may not sound like a big of a group to you but try teaching 40, four and five-year-olds to make beaded bracelets while Forrest and Shelley are playing games with 53 kids in a small courtyard and Lily and Monica are making plague snacks with 52 nine-to-twelve


year olds crowded into one little classroom. Then the groups rotate two more times. This all in a 2-hour time span. The lunch bell could not come soon enough.

After a lunch of rice, green grams, and a banana, Shelley, Forrest, Lily, and Monica went to work painting the little library room while Arlene and Suzan sorted all the supplies hauled in that morning. The group made quick work of painting the walls and it’s now a beautiful sky blue with white bookshelves that David had built onto the walls the day before.

Rather than attempt to have the van drive up to the school the team walked down the muddy road to climb into the van to head back to Heart, completely exhausted yet exhilarated by watching the kids truly enjoy their first day of VBS. Once back, they started preparing for Tuesday which took 3 hours. EVERYONE will sleep well tonight.