These Boots Were Made For Walking! Blog #8

These Boots Were Made For Walking! Blog #8
November 16, 2022 Suzan Bellis

The team again woke up to another morning with proof of the downpour from the night before. Kenya has been suffering terribly from a drought and the rains have come late this year and everyone is rejoicing for the life-giving water. As before the team didn’t ask the driver to take them to the school entrance, they put on their “gum” boots and walked carefully praying no one would fall down on the very slippery mud. As always, they found humor in everything and started singing   “These Boots Were Made for Walking” with odd looks coming from the kids.


Today, Tuesday, two young men from Karura Chapel came and led the singing and added so much fun to the VBS opening. Arlenenarrated the story of Queen Esther while Forrest (King), Shelley (Esther), Monica (Haman) and Lily (Mordecai) hammed it up. Forrest is up for an Oscar for his performance. Then Arlene quickly changed into her Blue Hippo Costume to lead the kids in the Hip-Hip-Hippopotamus song. Ever see a red headed Blue Hippo sing and dance? These kids have! With the opening being so full the team opted to take out the games and go straight to Crafts and Snacks. Trying to do crafts with 5 classes at once wasn’t too bad. They had them make Christmas trees ornaments.


The older kids (grades 4, 5, and 6) made prayer journals out of composition books. What an extraordinary job they did and so proud of their workmanship. The school won’t be the same without the grade 6 kids, they will be missed that’s for sure!

After a lunch of ugali and sukuma wiki, Forrest and Shelley took off with the boy’s football team to play in the muddy field up the muddy road. Lily took pictures of the incoming Pre-Primary 1 students who will be starting in January. That left Suzan alone in the library to start painting on the mural and wondering “now what do I do?” Oh, and Arlene was off visiting a 106-year-old grandma in the village. After another crazy filled day, they walked back down the muddy road in their boots waving to everyone who lines up wondering about these six laughing worn out muzungus.