Raindrops to Tears – Final Day Final Blog Post

Raindrops to Tears – Final Day Final Blog Post
November 19, 2022 Suzan Bellis

This blog post will not be short as the teams last day was full from the moment they left for the school until they returned back to their lodging. The day started with a true African style downpour with a messy gully wash. They called ahead to have help to carry the final suitcases and totes of supplies that filled the back of the van and stacked the rest on their laps. The teachers all met themin their boots with umbrellas to carry the cargo up the sloshy alley. Everyone was soaked in that short walk. All the students had to be gathered into the two classrooms downstairs that have a wall that opens to make the two classrooms into a large gathering room. Again, the two-man Karura team came and led singing. Arlene narrated the story of Jonah and the Whale while Suzan was Jonah and Forrest was the captain of the ship. There are no pictures of the outstanding acting by Suzan/Jonah, especially of her being vomited out of the fish covered in “seaweed” while spitting out Swedish fish.

After the skit the students were split up to make “simple” puppets with the lower grades, while Monica did snacks with Grades 4-6 which included Pop Rocks. This caused some real surprise reactions from the kids. After lunch the kids switched and did the “Suzan was out of her mind” puppets with Grades 4-6 while the rest of the team crammed into the library to finish up the mural. Through all this Anne had class pictures taken with the kids’ Christmas cards they made for their families. Pictures of them getting a cloth bag of items brought as Christmas gifts that included candy along with socks and underwear for the older students were also taken.










The team had Thanksgiving bags for the teachers with lotion, chocolate, knitted hat and few little items for the classrooms. The Grade 6 students waited patiently for us to come in and pray for them as they prepare for the National testing starting November 28. The driver was to be at the road to pick them up at 3:30 but they didn’t leave until 4:45 as they tried to finish up painting and saying goodbye.

So how do they sum up 10 days with so many activities and 145 kids. It’s not possible! Their last night together as a team they shared how God had spoken to them through their time here. Some could not share because of the tears, and some had a hard time expressing their thoughts and feelings. Each trip always brings new experiences, lessons, and insights. They want to share three blessings.

  • One is the incredible team that gave 150% of themselves. There was never a grumble or ounce of drama (except during Bible stories). Everyone was always willing to do whatever was asked of them and so much more. They poured themselves into the students and were always upbeat and let the children know they were loved and special to us and to God.
  • Secondly, the servant teachers who give of themselves each day. They start before 7:00 am and often don’t leave till 5pm. Traveling home  by walking or taking a matatu for half hour to an hour. We can’t be more thankful for their faithfulness and commitment to these students.
  • Lastly, from Suzan, was the time they had in the Grade 6 class on that last day. Students and team held hands and prayed for their upcoming national test and for their future. When we finished there was not one person who was not crying including the students. The team hugged and hugged the students and had the hardest time leaving. They held students who have grown from being in baby class. The Grade 6 students knew the team and you, their supporters, really did love them. They would be OUR KIDS and we will always follow them in the years to come.









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