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  • Jul192018

    The Mean Guy and Baby Moses

    Above is our beautiful audience of 80 kids and 5 teachers. First we want to thank each of you who…

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  • Jul182018

    Butterflies, Crayons and Slippery Slopes

    We are still missing two pieces of our luggage which contained two days of our ministry materials for the school. …

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  • Jul172018

    Tearful Welcome – Karibu!

    As we took our first steps into the compound we were greeted with the singing of all the students of…

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  • Jul162018

    A 32 Hour Short Story

    The Delta leg from Portland to London was pleasant and we all looked forward to a 6-hour layover in London…

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  • Jul092018

    Teams Preparing for Departures

    We have two teams preparing to depart. Team 1 – VBS Team is headed up by  Erin Brown with Suzan…

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  • Mar112017

    As Jesus walks

    Today was one of those times that you find yourself unable to truly express what you have seen and felt. …

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  • Mar102017


    As we drove down the dirt road to the school everyone knew it was their last day with the kids…

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  • Mar082017

    Elephants, Giraffes, Crocodiles, Kids and a Hot Bus

    The last two days have been so full with taking the kids on the Endangered Wildlife Excursion. We had to…

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  • Mar082017


    Just sharing a few pictures from Tuesday.  Jessica, Daniel, Kylie and Arlene escorted the Baby and Nursery Class on an Animal Excursion…

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  • Mar062017

    Education is power

    We started our day with a visit at Liberty Visions Learning Academy.  It’s a small school that also caters to…

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