• Nov192022

    Raindrops to Tears – Final Day Final Blog Post

    This blog post will not be short as the teams last day was full from the moment they left for…

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  • Nov172022

    Hello ……. Technical Difficulty – More in a few days!

    Remember what I said about Suzan and technology?  Well, Suzan’s computer came in contact with the heavy rain in Huruma…

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  • Nov162022

    These Boots Were Made For Walking! Blog #8

    The team again woke up to another morning with proof of the downpour from the night before. Kenya has been…

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  • Nov152022

    Moses, Beads, Games & Paint Blog #7

        It was a long day that started early and ended late. Right after breakfast the team attempted to…

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  • Nov132022

    Saturday is for Shopping …. Sunday is for Worship Blog #6

      The team thought they could sleep in a little on Saturday but needed to meet the HOPE teachers at…

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  • Nov132022

    It Was a Day to Remember! Blog #5

    To see the Grade 6 students running down the path to the Two Rivers Amusement Park made all of the…

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  • Nov112022

    Celebrations – Blog #4

      Many reasons for celebrating today. One was that Forrest finally made it to Nairobi Wednesday afternoon after leaving Portland…

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  • Nov102022

    WE MADE IT! – Blog #3

    Suzan and technology are like oil and water, they don’t mix. She thought I, Joy, didn’t publish a blog post…

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  • Nov092022

    Friends …. We’ve Landed! Blog #2

    Well, you could call the flight experience one that took everyone to the edge of our endurance. Everything went fine…

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  • Nov012022

    Team Leaves in a few days! Blog #1

                      Suzan & Arlene Monica & Lily Forrest & Shelly The HOPE…

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