Ramadhan Somo

Ramadhan Somo


Ramadhan was born in Mji wa Huruam which is a few meters from Huruma Village. He has three brothers and two sisters and lives with both parents. The oldest two brothers are in high school. His 3rd brother, Hussein Yusuf is in Grade 5 at HOPE Huruma School. His two sisters are upcountry and do not live with family. The father is the only bread winner and is employed by the City Council. Sometimes the salary is delayed for 3 months which makes life difficult. He is healthy. He is a bright boy who is above average. He has the ability to read two letter words and can read simple sentences. He is able to recognize numbers beyond 10 and he do simple sums.

Basic Information

Class Pre-Primary 2 Class
Gender Male
Age 5 Years
Birthdate June 10, 2016

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