Rose Shiboko Angoya

Rose Shiboko Angoya


Rose was born in Vihiga County in western part of Kenya. She was transferred from Bushiangala Primary School which is in Kakomega County. She lives with her mother and two older brothers in Huruma Village. Her brothers go to Cheleta Primary School. Her mother and father are separated. Her mother works at the nearby Runda estate. Rose joined HHS in Grade 1, term 2. Since she had stayed home for some time, she seemed to have forgotten almost all that she had learned in pre-school. However, she is improving with time. She can identify most of the letters and sounds, do some arithmetic, but has challenges in reading words. She is willing to learn and has potential. Rose is in good health.

Basic Information

Class Grade 2
Gender Female
Age 6 Years
Birthdate December 26, 2015

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