Michael Allen is a husband of 24 years and father to three grown children.  Michael owns a small business and has been working in the insurance and financial services sector for 18 years.

Mike has a passion for Christian ministry which started as a youth pastor and elder and he's a member at North Albany Community Church where he helps with worship at times.

Mike first went to Huruma, Kenya in September of 2014 and was struck by the level of impoverishment the community suffers and helped begin the process of bringing HOPE International, Inc. to its current status as a 501(c)(3). that This helped spread the word of Christ in Africa by increasing aid and educational opportunities to children and break the generational cycle of sickness and poverty that has plagued this region for many years.  It is his hope that others will follow in his decision to support this ministry and help children in Africa rise above their circumstances through education and faith in Jesus Christ.