Taylor is a lover of animals, slight hoarder of clothes, and a big fan of Jesus  She was born and raised in Albany, OR with her two younger sisters who are her best friends. She loves traveling and seeing different parts of the world.  Growing up she had the privilege of witnessing her family serve the Lord through mission work. She knew from a young age that there are children struggling to survive and are deprived of the basic needs she took for granted on a daily basis.

Her first trip to Nairobi, Kenya was in July 2010 at age 17 and she was bit by the bug and had to return in November 2019.  Having the opportunity to serve the children in Huruma has changed her life. She has witnessed first hand the improvements HOPE has made to not only on the school but the children attending Huruma Hope School that are all so kind and bright! She is constantly blown away with how well the children do with their school work and how they behave in class. They do this while they continue to suffer within the slum. She is honored to serve on the HOPE Board and believes we are helping change these students life. “Education breeds confidence, confidence breeds hope, and hope breeds peace”. The education these children receive provides them opportunities to leave Huruma and make a better future for themselves.  Support HOPE Int. and support the future of Kenya.